Be Patient mMn

Be patient, O heart... You need not
receivable, human love is temporary.
There are more eternal love for you.
There is a love that can make you
tear flow when the heart to longing.
There is a love that can give you peace in your soul when you are hit
by unrest. There is a love that can
make you moan place when grief
came to visit. There is a love that can
provide whatever you want.
However, sometimes your love must be tested. Where as strong as your
love for Him, as good as what you
love Him. Trials come in many
different ways. Wise to address the
problem to assess the faithfulness to
Him. Had a strong and keep your heart to Him, then cheer up. If your
heart waver and doubt of his
affection after the exam brought to
you, then realized that the love of His
hand is still weak. Come back to love
Him more glorious than your love for the world and its contents.

by : hendra wizal

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